ESG is hot! But what is the real risk and reward for your company?

If we put your company under a microscope, how will it fare? Strong business model? Expert leadership? You probably tick those boxes. But what about your carbon footprint or your diversity and inclusion profile? Well, don’t panic! Dr Basma Majerbi is here to help.

How to lose your best customers, 10X your revenue – and save the planet

Ever wondered what it feels like to lose half your revenue overnight? Amy Hall does. She reveals how she went from being a tree-hugging art school graduate selling beeswax wraps at a local farmers market to creating a massively successful multi-million dollar consumer eco-brand called Goldilocks.

Plugzio: the electricity start-up plugging into a global market

In 2018, Mohammad Akhlaghi bought an electric vehicle. He started plugging his new car into a wall socket in the parkade. Everything was great until he got a bill from his landlord for months of electricity he’d been “siphoning off”. That was his eureka moment.