How to lose your best customers, 10X your revenue – and save the planet

Ammy Hall

How to lose your best customers, 10X your revenue – and save the planet

Ever wondered what it feels like to lose half your revenue overnight? Amy Hall does. She reveals how she went from being a tree-hugging art school graduate selling beeswax wraps at a local farmers market to creating a massively successful multi-million dollar consumer eco-brand called Goldilocks.

What does it feel like to watch your biggest customers walk-away with half your revenue overnight? Ask Amy Hall, she knows.

The founder and CEO of Goldilocks reveals how she went from being a tree-hugging art school graduate selling beeswax wraps at farmers markets to creating a multi-million eco-brand called Goldilocks. 

Then COVID hit and her wholesale business collapsed. So Amy and her plucky team pulled off a text-book example of business agility; how to compete and thrive by quickly responding to market changes and emerging opportunities.

“We took a step back and said, maybe this is an opportunity in disguise. It didn’t matter what happened, we were going to figure it out and we were going to be okay”.
Amy Hall shares the come-back story of the year with Sophie Campbell.

Amy Hall is the founder and CEO of Goldilocks. Goldilocks makes eco-friendly goods that are practical and beautiful to inspire people to reduce their plastic consumption.

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A fund built by successful entrepreneurs, who have a track record for growing business. Our formula is simple, take a markets-first approach which means assess the market need and the viability of a successful outcome.

It takes great knowledge and experience to build the ecosystem needed to assess the viability of a technology. This is even more so with clean and climate tech given the complexity and interdependency with infrastructure and policy frameworks.


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