Senior care is ready for disruption. This represents a huge opportunity

Unrecognizable man pushing the wheelchair outdoors while an aged lady holding a shopping bag

Senior care is ready for disruption. This represents a huge opportunity

Mr Sengupta spoke to Sophie Campbell about the challenges and opportunities he faces as he raises capital, attracts talent and scales his company. Watch the video below.

Rapid growth in elderly population fuels home care market place.

Like clean tech, aging and senior care are huge challenges – and the sector is ready for disruption. Our guest on Emend Vision is Rustam Sengupta. He runs a mission-driven company that helps people find safe, validated and trained people in our communities to care for the elderly. 

Because care-givers take care of grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and hospital visits, the platform helps families save money without sacrificing care.

Mr Sengupta has just completed a successful pilot project and now is ready to scale across Canada.

“We do background checks, reference checks and take into account the social footprint of our care-givers and we have a rich training program. This helps keep the cost down and helps us find the right people in the community to help out”.

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A fund built by successful entrepreneurs, who have a track record for growing business. Our formula is simple, take a markets-first approach which means assess the market need and the viability of a successful outcome.

It takes great knowledge and experience to build the ecosystem needed to assess the viability of a technology. This is even more so with clean and climate tech given the complexity and interdependency with infrastructure and policy frameworks.


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